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No company is immune from the threat of IP infringement.

What do Virgin, Karen Millen, Lush, Trunki, Interflora, The Bocabar in Bristol, the Glee Club and Dyson have in common?

They prove that, unfortunately, all companies whether large or small and regardless of what rights they own or industries they operate in cannot escape the threat of IP infringement.

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Government seeks to encourage IP insurance

Last year the government  published a report that is very close to our hearts.

Entitled ‘Banking on IP’ the report highlighted the fact that although we are in an age where most businesses have far more value tied up in assets such as IP than buildings and machinery lenders are still very reluctant to lend against this asset class. The result is that billions of pounds worth of business assets cannot be leveraged by business owners.

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Unlock hidden value in your business

A survey carried out by Imperial College in London on behalf of the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has confirmed the importance of intangible assets such as IP to companies in the UK.

The study found that in 2011 investment in intangible assets in the UK was £137.5bn. In comparison investment in intangible assets reached just £89.8bn.

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Is your pitch safe?

I thought I would write a cautionary blog about a recent decision concerning the misuse of confidential information.

The case concerned two individuals, Brian Wade and Geraldine Perry who in 2009 pitched an idea for a new reality music show called The Real Deal to Sky. Instead of singers singing cover versions as in the X Factor, the Real Deal would feature the contestants singing their own compositions. Contestants were to be invited to the audition stage and whittled down to a winner who would receive a record contract. Another key idea was the songs being made available for download soon after being performed. During the pitch Wade and Perry provided Sky with a “deck” of PowerPoint slides which encapsulated their ideas. Despite the pitch being well received Sky rejected the idea.

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