Last year the government  published a report that is very close to our hearts.

Entitled ‘Banking on IP’ the report highlighted the fact that although we are in an age where most businesses have far more value tied up in assets such as IP than buildings and machinery lenders are still very reluctant to lend against this asset class. The result is that billions of pounds worth of business assets cannot be leveraged by business owners.

The report found that a key concern for lenders was the fear that if the IP is infringed or if it is alleged the IP infringes a competitors IP, the borrower may not have the resources to take decisive legal action leading to significant loss of value of their rights.

As a result of these findings the government has recommended measures to boost confidence in the use of IP as collateral. These recommendations include SMEs obtaining before-the-event IP insurance to transfer the risk of litigation costs to insurers. In this way a significant concern for both business borrowers and lenders about the inherent value of the right is removed.

The report’s findings resonate with Safeguard IP. We have known for some time that helping our customers fully understand the value of their IP rights can unlock huge potential in their business. In addition, by offering affordable insurance products to protect against the substantial legal costs of IP actions, we are able to offer a real solution to one of the major obstacles in maximising the value of their IP.

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