A survey carried out by Imperial College in London on behalf of the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has confirmed the importance of intangible assets such as IP to companies in the UK.

The study found that in 2011 investment in intangible assets in the UK was £137.5bn. In comparison investment in intangible assets reached just £89.8bn.

“The scale of investment in IPR (intellectual property rights) -protected assets is not fully appreciated. Investment in IPRs is higher than that in commercial buildings and also higher than plant & machinery (including ICT) and vehicles combined. The role of assets protected by IPRs, as drivers of growth, deserve greater consideration in both measurement and policy,” it said.

This confirms without doubt that a new world order has arrived. The value of a modern business lies not in its buildings, stock or machinery but in its creative talent and ability to harness that talent. All businesses own some form of intellectual property and we at Safeguard IP want to help our clients ensure its value is recognised and protected.

If you want to unlock hidden value in your business, we recommend you start by undertaking an IP audit using the UKIPO’s IP healthcheck service. This will allow you to identify what IP your company owns and the steps you need to take to protect it.

Alternatively call us now for further information on the benefits of insuring your IP against the risks of litigation.