BTE Legal Expenses Cover

BTE, or before-the-event, legal expenses cover for intellectual property is purchased when a business wants to protect their assets against any potential litigation that may occur in the future. BTE legal expenses cover specifically safeguards your intellectual property against any type of infringement and the financial cost of enforcing your rights. There are many benefits of IP insurance,an important one being the protection of your business’ cash flow from long and expensive IP litigation

Our BTE policies transfer the risk of significant litigation costs from your business to your insurer. Once you have purchased a policy, if a claim arises, your insurer will pay the legal costs (up to the level of cover purchased) of bringing bona fide actions against infringers or defending claims that you have infringed a third party’s rights.

BTE legal expenses insurance can also provide cover for any damages awarded against your business if it is found to infringe.

At Safeguard iP we offer policies to businesses of all sizes. Whether your business owns just one IP right or a large portfolio of rights, we can find the right intellectual property insurance solution for you. Our experienced team of IP insurance specialists are always happy to help and are on hand to answer any question you may have relating to the IP litigation process

Due to their nature, BTE policies cannot be purchased if you are already aware or ought to be aware that a claim is likely to occur. In cases where you may already be aware of a claim you will require ATE cover or after-the-event legal expenses insurance. Please read information on our ATE (after-the-event) policies for details of how we can help in these circumstances.

The BTE insurance market has developed significantly over the last few years and there are now a number of products that cater specifically for the needs of SMEs. Terms of BTE legal cover are very flexible so products are tailor-made for your business and you do not pay for any protection you do not need.

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