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Our IP Insurance policies insure the legal costs of pursuing infringers, defending allegations of infringement (including damages) and challenges to the validity of IP. They also help satisfy contractual obligations to indemnify third parties.

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The Benefits

Our IP insurance policies add real value by allowing decisive legal action to be taken from a position of strength, by acting as a deterrent against would be infringers and by giving comfort to  licensees, lenders and investors that value will not be lost if your intellectual property is challenged or stolen.

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Our Prices

There is often a misconception that intellectual property insurance is expensive but premiums start from as low as £300 per month for worldwide cover. Compared to your annual investment in marketing and R&D, intellectual property insurance is a sound investment in the future value of your business.

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Whether you are a right holder, investor, lender or licensee our IP insurance policies will protect the value of your IP.

  • This policy covers the legal fees of stopping the theft of your Intellectual Property

  • This policy covers the legal fees of defending a claim that you infringe a competitors IP rights

  • This policy covers any damages award made against you

  • This policy covers the costs of recalling infringing products from the market.

  • This policy satisfies contractual requirements to hold insurance to cover indemnities relating to IP.

Why it makes sense to insure your Intellectual Property

The value of intellectual property

Businesses rightly take great care to protect their assets – from securing property insurance to promoting workplace safety but most businesses owners ignore what is often their most valuable asset— Intellectual Property.

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Risks of IP litigation

A Government survey found that while the majority of firms felt Intellectual Property was important to their business no less than 25% had been involved in legal disputes involving their IP rights.

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The benefits of IP insurance

A recent survey found that 20% of SMEs who discovered they were the victims of intellectual property theft were unable to take action due to the prohibitive costs of doing so. Such inaction can often lead to both reputational and financial harm.

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