Trade Mark Insurance


A Trade Mark can add real value to a business but the more successful it becomes the higher the risk of a competitor riding on its coat tails. Trade Mark infringement is as old as the hills but it can cause real damage to the value of a brand and is hugely expensive to stop.

Trade Mark insurance provides an affordable commercial solution to what can be a devastating problem. These policies cover:

1. The significant legal costs of enforcing your rights against third parties who may have copied them;

2. The significant legal costs of defending a claim that you have infringed a competitors rights;

3. Any exposures arising under warranties or indemnities given to customers, licensees or agents;

4. The legal costs of disputes arising under IP agreements such as licenses and distribution agreements.



1. Protecting cash flow

The cost of litigation can have a devastating impact on the value of a company. Trade Mark owners often cannot afford to take decisive action which reduces the value of their rights and the business itself as infringers know they will get away scot free.

Our policies will meet the cost of the litigation allowing you to take swift and decisive action without affecting the financial position of your company.

2. Providing a deterrent

Once you have purchased a policy with us you can confirm in your marketing literature that insurance is in place. This will make potential infringers think twice about copying your work.

3. Reassures lenders and investors

In the modern economy most business value does not lie in tangible assets. Nowadays, a business’s real value lies in its Intellectual Property.  Having insurance in place gives lenders comfort that resources are available to maintain the value of the right if it is infringed. It also shows prudent planning and an understanding of the importance of intellectual property to your business.


Policies start from £100 per month (plus 9.5% IPT) for UK protection but the premium will depend on the scope of rights being protected. Quotes are free of charge and we can assist in completing the application form which should take no longer than 20 minutes. We can have a quote for you within 5 working days.

Call us now on 0203 036 0551 for further information before it is too late. Once you have knowledge of a claim, insurance will no longer be available.