Our Products

Our legally qualified team of IP insurance specialists have access to a wide range of insurance policies. We offer completely independent advice and our products are underwritten by some of the world’s largest insurers .

The terms of our policies are fully flexible so each policy is bespoke. You decide the scope of protection your business requires, the type of cover and the amount you want to spend. Your intellectual property may be spread across various rights, such as trademarks, patents and designs and we can protect them all under one policy.

Our policies add value to your business in a number of essential ways:

Providing Funds to fight litigation.

If you require funds to fight IP litigation then intellectual property insurance is essential. This applies to whether you are enforcing your rights or defending allegations of IP infringement made by 3rd parties.

Financial exposures under IP agreements.

If your business needs protection against potential liabilities arising under IP indemnities, the right kind of intellectual property insurance policy is essential. You may be required to hold licensees, manufacturers and other parties harmless against the cost of IP litigation. You may even be contractually obliged to hold IP insurance. In these circumstances, we will find the right policy to suit your needs.

Protecting IP value.

If your business’ value is made up of intangible assets you may want to consider using IP as collateral for loans. Using your intellectual property as collateral is a financing opportunity to consider as an alternative source of capital. Having an IP insurance policy in place will help you achieve the best possible terms from the lender.

Once you have completed our application form we will work with our insurance partners to put together the most suitable package for your business. Whether you are concerned about the possibility of IP litigation in the future or are contractually obliged to have IP insurance in place we will find the right solution for you.

Contact us today for further information about our products and prices.