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What Does IP Insurance Cover?

A UK Government survey found that while the majority of firms felt IP was important to their business, no less than 25% had been involved in legal disputes involving their rights.
As the survey suggests, there is a real chance your business will be involved in an IP dispute at some point in the future and the cost to your business could be significant. If your business were to suffer an infringement of its brand or product would you have the funds needed to take legal action?
Safeguard iP
IP Insurance will cover the costs of either defending clams you have infringed third party rights or enforcing your rights against infringers. Policies are purchased annually, and cover court fees, own-side and your opponents costs up to the level of cover in place.
If you’re concerned that the success of your IP may lead to copycat products which you could not afford to stop, call us today. We will find you an affordable solution which will not only allow you to take decisive action but will act as a deterrent to reduce the risk of it happening at all.