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Revolutionary New IP Insurance Product

For two years now I have been banging the drum for IP insurance. I  believe there is little point owning IP if you do not have the funds to enforce it. IP Insurance provides peace of mind to management, investors, lenders and licensees that these valuable assets can be protected, if necessary.

The IP Insurance market has developed rapidly. Premiums have fallen and a range of new products have come to market but today sees the launch of a revolutionary new policy. Designed specifically for  companies with a turnover of less than £5million this policy is the most comprehensive and affordable ever.

Cover includes (as standard) the costs of worldwide enforcement and defence actions, disputes under IP agreements, product recall costs and damages. All the insured’s IP is automatically covered and premiums are fixed (subject to industry and claims history) at the lowest levels ever:

£1m of cover (£500k of which can be used for any one enforcement action) costs just £5k plus 9.5% tax

£500k of cover (of which £250k can be used for any one enforcement action) costs just £3,500 plus 9.5% tax

Excesses are £10k for UK actions and £25k for US actions

Co-insurance is 5% for defence actions, 10% for US defence actions and 15% for enforcement actions.

Small businesses no longer have to fear the costs of IP litigation. For a small monthly payment you can buy comprehensive insurance cover which will make competitors think twice about infringing  rights and increase the likelihood of settlement.

Safeguard iP is delighted to have exclusive access to this product so call us today on 020 3036 0551 to protect your investment in IP . Quotes can be provided over the phone in minutes.