Just look at the recent case between Virgin and Brightline,


The fallout was over whether the Virgin brand was still a brand of ‘international high repute’ in 2020 due to disruption caused by the pandemic.

Although Virgin emerged victorious with a significant damages award, the journey was tumultuous with a long trial and a likely appeal to come.

It’s a clear reminder that even the strongest licensor-licensee relationships can sour, leading to potential legal battles. But here’s the silver lining: IP insurance.

🔹 Why consider IP insurance?
· Safeguard against legal costs when enforcing rights against defaulting licensees.
· Provide legal coverage for IP infringements, oppositions, and revocation actions.
· Offer peace of mind, especially when there’s a size disparity between litigating parties.
· And most importantly, it’s now more affordable than ever.

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