It is surprising how many IP rich business do not always know the full extent of their portfolio or its value. This is partly because IP is not always a priority for directors but also because gaining this understanding is a fairly complicated process that invariably needs expensive IP experts to advise on.

It is for this reason I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to obtain a heavily subsidised IP audit.

Innovate UK EDGE have teamed up with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) to offer innovative British businesses a grant of £2,500 for the cost of a professional IP audit. As a condition, the business must contribute a further £500. The Audit is then carried out by an IP professional.

IP audits are an excellent way of unearthing the true value of your IP and can help create a long term IP strategy that will enable your business to grow with a solid IP foundation. Innovate UK Edge’s website has more information on the benefits of IP audits and can be found here

Additionally, you could be eligible for a further £5,000 via the UKIPO’s competitive funding scheme, IP Access, to help you implement the recommendations made during your IP audit.

To take advantage of these subsidies I recommend you contact Innovate UK on 0300 123 3066 or via their online form here.  Alternatively you can speak with your IP advisor or drop me a line and I’ll advise on the steps you need to take.

It really is a great opportunity to maximise the value of your IP.

If you’d like to insure your IP you just need to complete the short form here and we can obtain a quote in 48 hours.  Alternatively, give us a call on 0203 633 0766, we love hearing from you!

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