Great Patents Need Insurance

Sometimes you have to hold your hands up to the genius of humankind. A colleague was recently at a cricket match and saw a man carrying this multi cup beer holder and anyone who has had to carry multiple pints without this device will know what a life saver it is. No more having to walk away from the bar at 1mph, no more spillage and most importantly, no more fear of dropping the lot!

On further investigation, it appears the clever entrepreneur who invented this beauty has also taken steps to protect it by registering intellectual property, in this case a patent (see the drawing below). This is very sensible as I am sure we will soon be seeing this device in sports stadiums around the world.

So not to be left with a bad hangover, the next sensible step will be to buy a patent insurance policy to mitigate the risk of this device being copied.  Unfortunately, as with all successful IP, larger competitors are bound to want a piece of the action but a patent insurance policy would level the financial playing field and allow action to be taken to stop any copycats.

If you’d like to get a quote for patent insurance please head here to complete our short form and we’ll obtain a quote for you within two working days. The policies will cover the cost of enforcing rights against infringers and also defending claims that you have infringed others rights. Premiums start from around £80pm for UK cover.

Its vital cover is in place before any potential claims arise so don’t delay and complete our form today.