Meta takes steps to protect intellectual Property online


Just a quick not to make you aware of additional tools Meta are making available to help brands stop infringement of their Intellectual Property (IP) rights on Facebook. Many of my clients are concerned about their trade marks being ripped off online and the changes to Meta’s reporting procedure should make it easier for brands to highlight concerns and have action taken.

Further information can be found in their press release here where Meta sets out the steps it has taken to help IP right holders on the site.

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The Star Wars Intellectual Property Reveal

LucasFilms are notoriously protective about future projects and for good reason. The leaking of plots, stills and videos of new releases can hurt sales. However, there is one element they cannot keep under wraps and that’s their Intellectual Property registrations,

As reported in the online magazine Fansided here eagle eyed Star Wars fans noticed that on 26th July 2022 Lucasfilm filed three new trademarks for the terms, “The Great Circle”, “The Galactic Circle”, and “Circle of Resistance.” Now, at this stage, not many people know what these trade marks will ultimately be used for but as the article points out, it doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to assume they will be used in connection with a new Star Wars movie – And if that’s true, don’t forget you heard it hear first.

Until then, May The Force Be With You!